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2016 Show Dates: July 14th - 16th Hope To See You There!!!

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National Corvette Homecoming 2014 by Efran Films

What is Homecoming

Many years ago, a newspaper called me to give them my perspective on what National Corvette Homecoming was. I first mentioned vendors that had different kinds of new and used Corvette merchandise, they had a fashion show for the ladies, they had seminars to teach you to care for your Corvette, and at the time they had drag racing, an all-Corvette parade, and a lot of other things to do during the day. But, one of the most important things you do at Homecoming is you come back each year to see how your friends are doing and if they have traded or added to their Corvette collection. As with any brand of car - you buy it, you take it to a show, you meet old friends and make new friends, and it turns out to be the people that brings you to most of your destinations. That is what I believe Homecoming is all about.

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About the Pruitt's

Since the purchase of NCH by Joe and Vera Pruitt, these organizations have either been joined individually or as a business. Founding member of NCM, later upgraded to lifetime membership. Also, NCH is a business member. Individually, Joe and Vera are members of Corvettes Unlimited of Bowling Green, Kentucky, Vette City Vettes of Bowling Green, Kentucky, Solid Axle Corvette Club, NCCC, and NCRS. Some of the shows we frequent are Corvette and Chevy Expo (Tenn.), Bloomington Gold, Corvettes at Carlisle, Fun Fest, and several other NCM shows. We try to attend as many others as possible.

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