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Corvette Homecoming
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July 17-19

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2013 Review

Setup Day-Fantastic Weather
Setup Day-Fantastic Weather

Big SmileThe smiles from folks at this years Corvette Homecoming were everywhere. And rightfully so. We had some of the best of all worlds this year beginning with the weather. Whoever heard of July weather in the low 80′s with a nice breeze and just some scattered clouds. And with the exception of a late night shower Friday night, the weather was gorgeous.

Friday was perfect and all vendors were up and ready. The parking lot filled and Opening Ceremonies kicked off the 2013 event. Seminars and exhibits all day until the (now) famous Road Tour where over 100 Corvettes were escorted by our State Police, Sheriff’s Dept and BGPD motors, for over 45 miles through some of the best scenic countryside Kentucky can provide. At Tour’s end, the group found themselves at the National Corvette Museum where Stephanie Morrill stood waiting with the National Corvette Homecoming’s brick waited to be unveiled. A great end for a great day.

Saturday is game day and it wasn’t long before the judges tent was full with our “Drive-Thru” judging. Eric’s camera was at the ready for each and every Corvette as it finished being judged. Other festivities included talks and speeches by Grand Marshal Barry Meguiar, Former Plant Manager Wil Cooksey, Gordon Killabrew and others. Mid afternoon brought on the awards ceremony where over 80 awards and trophies (thanks to O’Reilly’s Auto Parts) were presented to worthy recipients. The custom-made Quickfuel Technologies “Judges Choice Best of Show” award was presented to Bowling Green’s very own Dennis Smith and his pristine ’66 427 425hp Coupe.

The Ultimate Eagles Experience

New for 2013 was The Concert. We figured out that we were being charged for the  ballrooms until 11:00pm, so why not do something after dinner? Well, one of our favorite restaurants here in town has a waitress whose husband just happens to be the wife of keyboard master Vernon Roop for the “7 Bridges Band, The Ultimate Eagles Experience”. One thing led to another and we added the Concert to our schedule. We have to thank all of you participants AND vendors for helping us clear all the ballrooms in time and the Sloan staff for their hard work in getting everything setup in stages. Maybe most of all we should thank Campbell Chevrolet for coming on board the Homecoming train and sponsoring the band and road trip (cool signs huh?).  250+ filled the ballroom as we went back in time and heard the tunes from one of our favorite bands ever.


Thanks again to all of you, participants and staff, sponsors and advertisers for making Corvette Homecoming 2013 such a success. We hope you all had a fun visit and we promise that our schedule of events will always change so you can come back each year for a diverse schedule. We were asked over and over again “How are you going to top this next year!?”  Well, it won’t be easy so we’re asking for your help. We are always listening to your comments and suggestions so please send them to us (email on Home page) and we will definitely consider them for future events. Whether you really enjoyed or saw room for improvement, we need your feedback so play Vernon and “rock that keyboard” and let us know because we are already planning for Corvette Homecoming 2014!

Did you catch a really great picture? Send it with a brief explanation and we might post it on the 2013 Gallery (coming soon). See you next year! :-)


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