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Corvette Homecoming
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July 17-19

July 16-18

July 14-16

Corvette Homecoming 2014 Is HERE!

Well Folks, it’s about that time again!NCHProgramCover2014

Just some of the latest news. First of all, On-LINE and MAIL-IN-REGISTRATION has closed and will resume on Thursday July 17th, 8:00 AM, at the Sloan Convention Center (SCC).


Registration will RE-open at 8:00 AM and will be followed quickly by the FUN list of activities including a first-hand tour of the NCM Motorsports Park followed by two very unique and interesting presentations at the NCM Chevy Theater by NCM Principle Engineer Dennis Smith. We have nearly 100 already registered for these events. We leave the SCC at 8:15 AM sharp.

Following the morning fun, we have scheduled private tours of the BGA Assembly Plant. Pre-Register with them directly and tell them you are with Corvette Homecoming. Remember, you must be a registered NCH participant to attend these NCH activities. PLEASE WEAR YOUR WRIST BANDS.


Thursday afternoon’s Meet & Greet “Baseball, Hot Dogs, Apple Pie and Chevrolet” will also offer various foods from around Bowling Green including items from Chuy’s Mexican and Meijer’s.


Also in the news is our welcome to Macy’s as sponsor of our Road Tour. In your Road Tour participants package, you will find a host of items pertaining to the Tour including a $10 gift certificate for Macy’s, and one lucky participant will find a winning ticket for a fantastic $250 gift basket! Last year’s Tour was sold out at the last minute (100 cars), so register and don’t miss out on some of Kentucky’s beautiful countryside. After the 45 mile Tour, we will end up at one of our several eatery advertisers which just happen to be right near the  SCC. Montana Grill (variety of great grilled items), Smokey Bones (smoked and BBQ’d menu), Double Dogs (Dogs, Burgers, Salads) and Rafferty’s ( a long time icon in Bowling Green-Upscale).  All have full bars and COLD beer. The Tour is a great way to spend a Friday afternoon. Register today and enjoy!


Last call for Coffman Corvette who will be on-hand for your convertible top, interior and accessory needs. Give them a call and order what you need now so they can bring it and install it for you at the show. Coffman can be reached at 419-522-2246 or


Inside space is getting very full with both cars and vendors but we still have room for a few more. We have lots of new vendors too especially in the used parts department. Some of our local Corvette guys are emptying their garages and who knows what you’ll find but it is safe to say that whatever it is, it has been buried for decades or recently taken off something newer.


We’ll see you very soon and please drive carefully.