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2016 Show Dates: July 14th - 16th Hope To See You There!!!

Car Shows

There is a car show to fit everyone’s Corvette at Homecoming. Read each show description and decide which show is best for you. Don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions.


Drive and Shine


Corvettes that are mostly driven daily or driven regularly.  Not trailered.


Show and Shine (Displayed inside the Convention Center)


Corvettes that are restored, over restored or trailered not very often driven.


Reunion Class (Displayed inside Convention Center)


Corvettes are celebrated as being at least 20 years old. For example  1955-1965–1975–1985–1995.


Custom Class (Displayed inside the Convention Center)


1. A custom car may be altered to improve its performance, often by altering or replacing the engine and transmission.


2. A custom car may be a personal “styling” statement, making the car look unlike any car as delivered from the factory.


Sans Pareil (Without Equal) (Displayed inside the Convention Center)


Sans Pareil (Without Equal) is designed to rival the country’s Top Corvette Certifications and to bring a new standard to Corvette certification judging.  John Ballard, NCRS Master and Bloomington Gold Certified Judge, is the appointed Chairman of the SP Judging Committee and has been recruited to ensure the highest possible standards of judging for earning this prestigious certification.


The judging divides the car into five specific sections:

1) Interior, 2) Exterior, 3) Engine Compartment, 4) Underside, 5) Operations


Each of the first four sections are judged as a unit for both “originality” and “condition/cleanliness.”


The Operations section checks a specific item’s performance as originally installed on the vehicle.


- Each Corvette starts with 700 points total.

- Each of the four sections represents 150 points and the Operations section is 100 points.


Deductions are made as outlined below:


- Corvettes with 70 or less points deducted qualify for the Diamond Award.

- Corvettes with 210 points or less deducted qualify for the Sapphire Award.

- Corvettes with 350 points or less deducted qualify for the Ruby Award.


Diamond certification is awarded an exclusive Sans Pareil acrylic display, Certificate of Award, an embroidered polo shirt w/name and cert number, a bottle of French “Sans Pareil” wine with pewter necklace engraved with the year and number of the Certification.  All Diamond Awards are recognized on the Corvette Homecoming’s website.


Ultra Original (Displayed inside the Convention Center)


Ultra Original certification is for sport and preservation of Corvette vehicles in their Original Condition.


Corvettes must be 30 years old and remain over 85% unrestored.  This could include repair, re-plating, repainting, replacement, restoration and/or deterioration.  The car must present an example for study and observation.


The purpose of the Ultra Original Award is to encourage the preservation of unrestored Corvettes in their Original Condition.  Owners that resist the urge to restore, repair or replace finishes or parts should be rewarded for displaying an original unmolested Corvette which is at least thirty years old.  The Ultra Original Award presents credibility, accomplishment, and education on the specific year and model.