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2015 Show Dates: July 16th - 18th 2016 Show Dates: July 14th - 16th Hope To See You There!!!


Thank You, Joe & Vera Pruitt, for all the hard work you’ll do, at the Corvette Homecoming. Mr.Pruitt, you are a great ambassador for the Corvette Homecoming and it has been a pleasure to talk with you and the vision you have of the future of the Homecoming.  Mr.Pruitt, you have placed very good people […]

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Videos Favorites

Wanted to share some timeless classics Dinah Shore – “See the USA in your Chevrolet” Everly Brothers – “Bowling Green”

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NCH Featured in Documentary

We were fortunate enough at the 2014 show to have a first class production company out of New York to visit with three of our Homecoming participants.  Those interviews and the rest of the video captures the essence of what Homecoming is all about.   Before I was even involved with Homecoming, being in the […]

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