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Corvette Homecoming
1021Wilkenson Trace
Bowling Green, KY 42103

July 17-19

July 16-18

July 14-16

Joe & Vera Pruitt


Joe doesn’t remember what prompted his love for the Corvette but he does remember that he did his term paper in 8th grade on Zora Duntov and the Corvette. He got an A+. After graduating High School classmates Joe and Vera went their separate ways for 25 years until Joe woke up one morning and decided to find her. Ironically, he located her information from her former spouse!


After getting up his nerve, Joe made the call and heard a voice he hadn’t heard for some 25 years. But when have asked her out, he didn’t hear what he wanted to hear. Vera explained that she was in the middle of studying for a mid-term for her Masters Degree, and it would be at least three weeks before she could be interrupted. Talk about a let down!

But Joe perservered and the two finally got together and in fact, will celebrate their 24th weddinganniversary in 2013.

Joe retired from the insurance business prior to taking over Corvette Homecoming and Vera received her Masters Degree in Marriage & Family Counseling which she still practices today.


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