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July 17-19

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Sans Pareil (Without Equal)

In 2007, the National Corvette Homecoming Chairman Joe Pruitt announced a new high honor Corvette Certification to accompany its annual Corvette Homecoming event. The Certification appropriately named Sans Pareil (without equal), will feature a custom award and other items to designate those Corvettes and owners who receive the privilege of obtaining the judges’ highest marks.

Sans Pareil is designed to rival the current Top Corvette Certifications and to bring a new standard to Corvette certification judging. John Ballard (About Us-The Judges), the appointed Chairman of the SP Judging Committee, has been recruited to help ensure the highest possible standards are warranted for such a prestigious award. There will be a limited amount of certification spaces available each year to help ensure the prominence of the award.


Display Area

All Sans Pareil show vehicles will be displayed inside with special lighting to ensure the best possible presentation and judging. NCH team members will monitor the area throughout the show and the area will be free of distractions. Special needs or requests from the participants will be addressed early and managed appropriately. Only authorized NCH team members will be involved in the display process.


Sans Pareil Certification

National Corvette Homecoming has designed three Premium Awards to honor original and restored Corvettes from 1953 through 2004:

                                 Diamond                        Sapphire                            Ruby
                                   70%                                 50%                                   90%



The judging divides the car into five specific sections:

1) Interior,  2) Exterior, 3) Engine Compartment, (4) Underside, (5) Operations

Each of the first four sections are judged as a unit for both “originality” and “condition/cleanliness”.
The Operations section checks a specific item’s performance as originally installed on the vehicle.

Each Corvette starts with 700 points total.
Each of the four sections represents 150 points and the Operations section is 100 points.

Deductions are made as outlined below:

Corvettes with 70 or less points deducted qualify for the Diamond award.
Corvettes with 210 points or less deducted qualify for the Sapphire award.
Corvettes with 350 points or less deducted qualify for the Ruby award.



From Joe Pruitt

I would like to personally welcome you to the new world of Sans Pareil. Since my youth, the Corvette has been my passion. I have visited all the major Corvette shows in the eastern US in preparation for this. Since I became involved with the NCH in the late 90’s I vowed to create an exciting event that is interesting, full of fun and rewarding to all of our participants. With the addition of Sans Pareil, NCH is rivaling many other major shows on the Corvette show circuit. Sans Pareil is the pinnacle of achievement at the NCH, providing a fresh new venue for non-compromising collectors who have put their heart, soul, time and pocketbook into the presentation of their passion, The Chevrolet Corvette.

Sans Pareil adds to the hobby and passion of Corvette ownership. We place high emphasis on organizing the program in an exclusive way. Only NCH team members with the highest level of expertise and knowledge join the Sans Pareil team. The Sans Pareil certification is a high level achievement that adds both respect and value.  I look forward to viewing the field of contestants to be considered as “without equal” and your participation among this exclusive group.

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