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Ultimate Original (New for 2014)

ULTIMATE ORIGINAL certification is for sport and preservation of Corvette vehicles


Corvettes must be 30 years old and remain over 80% unrestored.
This would include repair, re-plating, repainting, replacement, restoration, and/or deterioration. The car must present an example for study and observation.


The purpose of the UO Award is to encourage the preservation of unrestored Corvettes in their Original Condition. Owners that have preserved their Corvette over the years should be rewarded for displaying an original Corvette which is at least thirty years old. The UO Award presents credibility, accomplishment, and education on the specific year and model.


Please fill out your Owner’s Agreement and submit mileage and a short narrative with 4 photos of the Corvette: Interior, Exterior, Engine Compartment, and Chassis.