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2016 Show Dates: July 14th - 16th Hope To See You There!!!

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July 29th

To Joe Pruitt

Hi Joe,
First thing we would like to tell you what a great time we had at the 2013 Homecoming. It was very well organized, everyone was very helpful (to the 1st timers) and we meet a lot of interesting corvette owners from all over the US and Canada. We are excited about next year…see you there!

We were unaware that after the trophies we handed out that the Judges Score Sheet was available to us.
Please when you are settled back in at home would you please email it to us?

Thank you from us both
Andy & Janice Wilton
2004 Corvette Convertible – Millennium Yellow


I would be happy to send your judging sheet. Next year we will try and have them made available on the spot. Glad you enjoyed the show and we’ll see you next year!




July 29th

Hi Joe and Vera

We enjoyed ourselves greatly this past weekend. We look sooooo forward to next year. But I got to tell you, strangely I got a ticket on the way home. A dang turkey popped out of nowhere hit my hood then windshield, flipped over my Vette and hit the car behind my. It was a cop. He pulled me over and GAVE ME A TICKET. I asked him why am I getting a ticket? He said “for flipping him the bird”!!! A little humor (very little) for you to share…
Btw…how do we get in touch with the folks who took our photos during the tour? Also, we wanted to make hotel reservations for next year…will it be at the same location?

We were unaware that after the trophies we handed out that the Judges Score Sheet was available to us.
Please when you are settled back in at home would you please email it to us?

Kerry and Patricia Cash


Kerry and Patricia,
It was a real pleasure to meet you both at your first Corvette Homecoming. Yes, we are at the Sloan Convention Center for the next three years. See the Home page of our website and you’ll see all the dates in the upper right hand corner. Our photographer had an awesome crew and he seemed to be everywhere catching some great shots of most all the events and activities. For pictures of the event, you can contact Eric here: Eric The Pictureman
Glad you enjoyed the show and we’ll see you next year!


P.S. Hope that judge isn’t a Ford driver! :-)



July 29th

To Jim Van Dorn (Jim does gates, parking, vendors and a few other things :-) )

Hi Jim,

I wanted to tell you again what a wonderful time my wife and I had at NCH. I would like to extend BIG High Fives to Tim for his welcoming and cool nature he greeted us with while I was spending a couple minutes(haha) cleaning our car. Kristen for her big smile, professional conduct and work ethic(reminded me of our girls). I personally appreciated when you exposed to me your pride for your daughter. For me, it was instant respect for you. My girls work with me only during the summer now(dang education getting in the way-haha). I would bet she enjoyed those long hours with you…anyways Jim, I enjoyed meeting all of you, take care and we’ll see you down the road.


Kerry Cash aka “BRN’CASH”


A “couple of minutes wiping down my car”???? You wore of at least 3 of the 30 coats of clear off that thing!!
Seriously, when Joe and Vera asked me to help with the Homecoming event, quite frankly I was somewhat reluctant to get involved. The reason? Well, It’s a real commitment to say the least. So why have I been around here for the past 4 years? Because of the respect I have gained for the Pruitts and all the terrific people that support Corvette Homecoming. I greatly admire Joe and Vera when they load that Cross Fire ’82 and head for Carlisle and Bloomington, Funfest and another 20 shows across the region. Now THAT’S commitment!!
Comments like yours above are to be shared with all the volunteer staff who come back each and every year, stand their posts all day long, all for a hamburger at lunch!
Thank you from all of us. Oh, and just for info, Kristen is a tutor at ASU and the Youth Pastor at her Church. She hasn’t been able to visit since Thanksgiving 2011 and she made the Corvette Homecoming date for her “visit with Dad” on purpose! AM I proud of my youngest? You should see all three of them TOGETHER!! :-)
P.S. Kristen loved her visit and Homecoming 2013 and grabbed a few things from Dad’s garden for her journey home.
Thanks again,
Jim & The Beagle


July 30th

Hi Joe

My wife and I attended the show last week Thursday till Saturday morning and enjoyed it, in particular the road tour. We were not able to stay on the Saturday as my daughters 16th birthday party was the next day and we needed to drive back to our home in Belle River, Ontario, Canada. Just curious is it at all possible to e-mail me a scan copy of the judging sheet for my car? We purchased the car end of last year and I am just curious as to what the judges rated it so I can look for areas to improve for any other shows that I might go to.

Allen MacCara
Belle River, Ontario


It was a pleasure to meet you and of course I will email your sheet as soon as I can.
Glad you enjoyed the show and we’ll see you next year!




July 31st

Hey Joe!

Hope all is well. Just wanted to say me and wife enjoyed our first year and lookin forward to many more. I was very pleased with what John Ballard said about my 82 collectors edition. We enjoyed meeting some new people and making new friends. Can’t wait till next year and to see them again. So again thank you for the great show and Bless you and your family.

Mike Giaquinta



July 31st


I really enjoyed the car show. You did a first class job. I will be back next year for sure!
For your info. I’m the one from South Carolina

Please send me judging sheet when you have time
Once again great time!

Robert Briggs
2012 Centennial Grand Sport


July 31st

Hi Joe

This was our first Homecoming and wanted to let you know what a great time we had. We participated in the Road Rally and would like to see the photos. Will there be a list of participating photographers available, especially whoever was on the roof of the Museum….would like to purchase a picture of the whole group.
Again, thanks for a great weekend.
Clay & Ellen Irvin


Clay and Ellen,
Glad you found Corvette Homecoming. We’ve been a best kept secret for many years now but we think the word is finally getting out. :-)
Our photographer will have photos online for purchase today or tomorrow. You can find the link to their site above in the “Other Links” menu on this page. We hope you will enjoy them and come visit us again next year. We are already planning for 2014.
Great to meet you both.
Joe and Vera

Aug 29, 2013

Thanks for a great time in Kentucky! We could hardly believe the hospitality from the corvette enthusiasts in your area. We had a great time and even with our trailer issues, we would do it again in a heartbeat. The highlight for us was the road trip. It was a beautiful drive, and we had a great time!

Getting home to California was quite a challenge. The car trailer was not fixed by August 9th, the date the new axle was to have been installed. They ordered the wrong axle, and we just could not hang around Lincoln, NE any longer. Steve ended up driving RV and towing the empty “car trailer” home on 3 wheels (1700 miles) and I followed in the Corvette. I have to admit that was quite an experience for me. I loved it!

Thanks for the great time! If you are in the San Francisco bay area, we would love to return the hospitality!

Best Wishes,
Sue and Steve St Germain
Concord, California

I didn’t know Steve was that way. He seemed like a nice guy when he was here. Making you drive that C5 1700 miles, he should be ashamed of hisself!
Thanks for coming and we hope to see you again!
Joe :-)

Aug 26, 2013
Joe and Vera,
I had a wonderful time at this years show. Thank you very much for all the hard work you and your staff put into making sure everyone has a great time there. I was wondering if it is at all possible to get a copy of my judges score sheet? I was awarded 3rd place in the 53-82 modified class, and would like to know as what areas I might improve my car. I believe my entry was #130. It is a blue 1980. Thanks again for a great show and look forward to 2014.
Mike Suchomel, Hiawatha,IA ,

We will try and have all the judging sheets available from now on. We had some classes but not others. See you next year!